Party Chief (Surveyor)

  • Full Time
  • Nepean

Farley Smith & Denis Surveying Ltd

Party Chief (Surveyor) Job Description 

Primary Purpose

The Party Chief serves as the lead worker on a survey crew and instructs Instrument Persons on survey techniques. The incumbent is responsible for ensuring a safe work environment for the crew and escalating any Health, Safety or performance concerns to the appropriate contacts.

Key Accountabilities

  • Lead crew in conducting Land Surveys
  •  Lead the activities of a field survey crew and instructs in survey techniques
  •  Oversee daily activities of crews
  • Complete timesheets for work crew on a daily basis
  • Keep accurate notes, records, and sketches of work performed. Ensure all documents/data are properly secured
  • Submit daily site inspections to supervisor
  • Correctly document disbursements
  • Ensure that all field notes are complete (i.e. traverse/boundary lines coloured, station and backsight information recorded, north area/street names/lot numbers included, provide legal description, date, weather, personnel, GPS site calibration, etc.)
  • Ensure traverse loops are closed
  • Ensure resections are completed utilizing multiple backsights and proper geometry
  • Obtain redundant measurements on traverse points
  • Ensure proper functioning and use of all company equipment
  • Report malfunctioning and broken equipment
  • Ensure all equipment is returned to vehicle prior to leaving work site
  • Undertake regular/documented checking of tribrachs, prism poles and levels. Inspect tribrachs and prism poles at least weekly
  • Determine work hours for field crew within parameters of company policies
  • Interact with clients to provide details of work to be done or completed
  • Review existing plans and deeds to survey areas in detail


Health and Safety

  • Ensures adherence to company procedures and safety practices
  • Complete daily site inspections to ensure safe working conditions
  • Accept responsibility/delegation of duties with respect to vehicle maintenance and safety
  • Conduct daily circle check of vehicle and prepare vehicle safety checklist


Training of Instrument Persons

  • Train instrument persons on the use of company equipment and survey techniques
  • Responsible for the safety of all parties in a work crew and for traffic control on all work sites.
  • Understand the company’s health & safety policies and ensure that each crew member works in a safe manner and with the necessary safety equipment per company policy
  • Train new employees in safe working methods


Job Description

All employees of FSD are expected to follow health and safety policy, procedures and work practices at all times. Employees are also responsible for the completion of all health and safety training, as assigned. Employees with staff supervision and/or management responsibilities will ensure that assigned staff abide by the above, and actively identify, assess and correct health and safety hazards, as required.


Required Qualifications


Education & Training

  • Degree or Diploma in Geomatics, Civil Technology, Survey Engineering Technician or equivalent
  • Working at Heights, WHMIS, First-Aid & CPR
  • The Ontario Traffic Manual’s Book 7 (Temporary Conditions



  • 3-5 years of relevant work experience
  • Experience operating a Trimble S – Series Robotic Total Stations, Trimble GPS Receivers, TSC3 data collectors using Trimble Access Software
  • 2+ years of experience in a client facing roles



  • Ability to mentor and direct junior staff on various projects
  • Ability to communicate information in a clear and professional manner
  • Strong work ethic and ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Strong problem solving skills


Nature and Scope

  •  Contacts: The Party Chief must maintain clear communication with field crews to complete regular job duties. They will also communicate with, technical, management and administrative staff to relay information. While performing field work the incumbent will regularly communicate with other workers, customers, and members of the public. As a representative of FSD, the Party Chief is expected to communicate with external parties in a professional manner.
  • Level of Responsibility: The Party Chief ensures their assigned land surveys are conducted in an accurate, efficient and safe manner. The Party Chief is responsible for directing the daily work activities of the Instrument Person. Responsible for ensuring a safe work environment and relaying messages in a timely manner. The Party Chief must report all Health, Safety and/or performance concerns to the FSD supervisor.
  • Decision-Making Authority: Party Chief makes regular decisions regarding the how the work is to be performed at the field location. Surveying and service issues may also be escalated to the supervisor, Development Lead or OLS responsible for the project.
  • Physical and Sensory Demands: Attention to detail, multiple distractions in field depending on work location, noise levels requiring hearing protection at certain field sites Lifting and carrying up to 20Kg on a daily basis, walking on snow, ice, muddy and uneven terrain. Climbing ladders. Pounding bars into ground/ice. Digging up bars.
  • Working Environment: Adverse weather conditions and natural terrain. Work is performed in urban and remote locations

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